Turmion Pro



Turmion Pro allows you to remotely turn on and off any electrical appliance around your swimming pool and spa, home and backyard, farm, construction and building site from a distance.

You can switch your devises on and off from your lounge chair or even while overseas with the Turmion Pro.

The Turmion Pro System is available with either Bluetooth or WiFi connectivity. Both systems can be operated from your mobile phone with the free app and include the ability to set up timing as well as scene control.

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  • Turmion Pro allows you to turn appliances on and off remotely with your smart device.
  • Users can create multiple programmed sequences to power devices on and off automatically.

Simply plug in your appliances to Turmion Pro and begin operating them with the remote control or smart device. Any device with a 10 amp power point (or optional 15 amp) can be stopped and started automatically.